Monday, January 26, 2009

Welcome to Hogwarts

Dear J,

Much has happened since I received my letter of admittance to Hogwarts last Wednesday morning. Headmistress Wartbobble called me into her office that evening for a private conference with Wisteria Lovegood, her deputy Headmistress.  As we guessed, they want me to investigate the disappearance of the Ackerly girl from Hufflepuff.

Wartbobble has her suspicions.  The three of us mostly discussed her relationships with the other students.  Lovegood mentioned some trouble with a Miss Beanswallow two years ago over some shrimp, but said that after a field trip to the States last November the two of them returned thick as theives.  Last term there was a very troubled boy in Hufflepuff that might know something; start digging around and see what you can find on a Rufus Huffindor.  After Lovegood left, Wartbobble mentioned some trouble between her and Ackerly over a professor last term that resulted in a duel.  They seemed to patch up their relationship afterwards... but all's fair in love and war, revenge is a dish best served cold, etc.

I have plenty of suspects to investigate just amongst the student body, and then there are Death Eaters, muggles, and magical creatures to consider as well.  Wartbobble wants me at Hogwarts until this thing is resolved one way or another.  She and Lovegood thought it would be easier to maintain my cover if I moved into another House, so when Elanor Cadogan volunteered to head Hufflepuff since the Huffles were all too scared to replace Ackerly, they decided to install me as the new Slytherin Head Girl instead.  I still have plenty of access to Hogwarts as a Head Girl, and as the new Administrative Assitant I can probably find the Hufflepuff password to do some snooping around their common room.

It'll be tough to maintain my cover while I'm in full investigative mode, but I think I am going to enjoy Slytherin House.  Despite their reputations, the Slytherins aren't quite evil as much as... sneaky, fun-loving, and very creative with following rules :) 

I had a pre-term meeting with my 2 Prefects, Cassandra Puddlemere and Queen Frysia the Fierce, and we've come up with some excellent ideas for the semester.  Then the Ravenclaws discovered that a certain Emma Wigworthy was switching from Ravenclaw into Slytherin, and declared an outright prank war.  They clearly have no idea what they are messing with, my House is going to crush their sorry excuse for an offensive.  But you know Ravenclaws, they think they know everything just because they read a lot.  It will be good to remind them that street smarts are important too.

Awaiting your dossiers on Huffindor, Beanswallow, and Lovegood.  In the meantime, I will compile a longer list of suspects to include in my next missive.

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  1. OMG, how clever! Very entertaining-I look forward to reading more!