Thursday, March 5, 2009


Sunday night and Monday morning, about a foot of snow fell at Hogwarts!  I loooooove snow, but I don't much like being stuck indoors while there is Snow! on the ground!  So I was kinda grumpy Monday.

How do you cheer up a grumpy Slytherin?  In the words of one of my favorite musicals: Schadenfreude.  I won't name names, but someone thought it would be funny to cover the doors and windows of Madam Hooch's broomshed with a mound of snow and then pour water over it... It froze over, and now the shed is 100% sealed! No flying lessons or Quidditch practice until they can figure out how to melt the snow away without burning down the shed.  Of course the Slytherin brooms were all in our common room for the "Broom Waxing Seminar" that Ophelia Crookshanks taught Sunday evening.  Mwah ha ha ha ha

Off to purchase some more yarn for the shawl I am knitting for my Grandma.  It's her birthday this week.

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  1. That is a pretty beginning of a shawl. Lucky Grandma!