Wednesday, February 25, 2009


My dear fellow Slytherins,

I am calling for an all-out assault on Ravenclaw House.  One of those too-clever witches cursed me this morning!  I didn't turn around fast enough to spot which 'claw it was that hexed me when I felt the zap this morning, but she had long blonde hair and was wearing a blue-and-bronze scarf.  Stupid chit ran down a corridor before I could catch her or see who she was.  But I know it was a Ravenclaw, and they shall pay!

It's a pretty clever curse - I have zapped everything I've touched today (including the soap in the ladies' room, which was very weird) with static electrisity.  We need to see about casting this charm on the other House's seekers before the next Quidditch match.  It's made knitting pretty interesting - I charged my yarn cake, and it started unraveling!  Students are avoiding me (and my shocks) in the hallways, which does make getting to class easier, but still.  If anyone knows a counter-curse I would be very, very grateful.

Your Head Girl,



  1. You know what I want to do!! Just say the word, and the havoc will begin!

  2. Has it worn off yet??? Clever clever spell...

  3. Let me at them! I'll tear them to pieces!