Monday, February 23, 2009

Dear Belladonna,

Thank you very much for offering to meet me in the Greenhouse after classes today to help me with my Devil's Snare project.  Sewing is not my forte, so attaching the vines (straps) to the rest of the bag is something I have been dreading.

Shall I bring some Butterbeer and Chocolate frogs from the kitchen?

The lace shawl that I am making hit a snag. I have to rip back 6 rows! :C I need some chocolate and probably also a Cheering Charm to help me through, I am NOT looking forward to this :(

On a more positive note, I finished a couple of projects this weekend, a third Robin's Egg Blue Hat in Slytherin colors and a green dishtowel that will be a handtowel. Plus I found some cute Ceramic buttons to go with both of my REB Hats - I am super picky about buttons it seems, because it took about 20 minutes to decide which to get, lol.

Other fun news - I taught another classmate (er, muggle coworker), Joanne, how to knit today!! She was already a crocheter so she picked it up super quickly.  She saw my red calorimetry and wanted to make her own.  First we are doing some swatches of knit and purl stitches, but I think that she'll be ready to cast on by Wednesday!  My other classmate, Carol, passed us knitting on her way to the ladies' room, and pointed out that I have a cabal going - I've taught 4 of my other classmates to either knit or crochet.  Hehehe, soon I will have my entire class (er, department) knitting along during our lunch breaks.  Am I a good subversive Slytherin or what?

See you tonight!


::passing the parchment over a candle flame and muttering the correct incantation reveals the rest of the letter::

Bella, how was the fact-finding mission to Stirling?  Are you having any luck on the Rufus angle?  I can check with my Auror uncle, if you still want to keep your father clear of things.

I have noticed some very strange goings-on in the Forbidden Forest of late.  It seems we have two trysting lovers, but that might just be a cover for something related to the Ackerly girl....  More to follow tonight.

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