Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Quiz #2

Your Majesty,

Attached please find my parchment with the answers to our second House Quiz.  It was very difficult!



Slytherin House Quiz #2: How Well Do You Know Your Housemates?

1. Which housemate has an 11 ½ inch holly wand with a Dragon Heartstring core?
* Bathilda Boomslang
2. Which housemate creates rockin’ sock patterns?
* Emma Wigworthy
3. Which housemate has the hots for David Boreanez?
* Queen Frysia
4. Which housemate used to be the top badger who made a habit of eating snakes?
* Quinn
5. Which housemate shows off her awards from HSKS6 on her blog?
* Madam Ferula Finnigan
6. Which housemate makes kicka* * cookies IRL?
* Esmerelda Beanswallow
7. Which housemate is a third year Slytherclaw, whatever the hell that means?
* Callisto Verity
8. Which housemate wants Plymouth to make her feet happy?
* Belladonna Boomslang
9. Which housemate is a knitting addict? (Ok, all of us, but one in particular.)
* Lily of Flitwick
"Sometimes at work". ??? She work at an LYS! :-P
10. Which housemate loves to sing?
* Cassandra Puddlemere
11. Which housemate has issues with muggle devices?
* Ginny Crookshanks
12. Which housemate likes Darth HelloKitty?
* Cecily Fortescue
13. Which housemate has a member of the family with his own fan club?
* Diana Lockhart
14. Which housemate has never-ending PMS?
* Olivia Gaunt
15. Which housemate originally comes from South New Joisey?
* Penelope Caerphilly - and that Jersey Girl had better watch it around Belladona and me!
16. Which housemate “adores” European chocolates?
* Clara Clovenhoof
17. Which housemate has a roommate who seriously put a crimp in her communication abilities?
* Rowena Weasley
18. Which housemate was fortunate enough to lose her HP husband?
* Lavender Diggory-Dolohov
19. Which housemate likes some Nascar dude?
* Andromeda Finch-Fletchley
20. Which housemate needs a new time-turner?
* Ophelia Crookshanks


  1. Quinn,

    Dude. You got some of the answers wrong.


  2. Corey is crushed that you are no longer the president of his fan club. You have broken his heart. I now claim him for my oldest daughter.